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The „Antivata (Estonia)“ group was established about 6 years ago as a opposite of dominance of russian propaganda in Estonia. The most usable group’s language is russian language. Our members are got involved to a “cotton” groups as “Tallintsy (residents of City Tallinn) or „Soviet Estonia“ on social networks, as a result was frequently freezes of their social accounts.

From 24 of february 2022
From 24 of february 2022, a date of full scale invasion

From 24 of february 2022, a date of full scale invasion  of Ukraine became completely clear, that the value of all these disputes in the Internet are zero. The undersyanding of help Ukraine’s military is came gradually. This was facilitated by the trip of two volunteers from Estonia to the front line – Sergo Susi and German Barinov.

30 of July 2022
2022 the „Antivata (Estonia) group was organized first humanitarian convoy to Ukraine.

There were a minesweeper’s shovels, ammunition and meal.

From september 2022 to march 2023

many people of Estonia handed us a major quantity of trench candles. We delivered them to Ukraine.

14 of september of 2022
The second fundrising

 We rised more than 600 euros. We sent to Ukraine meal and sweets.

12 of october 2022

was fundrised more than 800 euros. We sent to Ukraine diisel heaters, meal, warm clothes and medical aids.

16 of november 2022

we sent to Ukraine power banks and ohter electrical equipment.

9 of january 2023
The historical event in the life of „Antivata (Estonia) groups.

 Non-profit organization named “Dopomoga UA” was registred in Estonian commercial register.

January of 2023
Ballons and stoves

In january of 2023 we sent to Ukraine gas ballons and stoves.

February of 2023

In February of 2023 we sent to Ukraine a 4WD auto. Unfortunately, the only one.

March of 2023
Two fundrisings

Holidays periood and scandal in Estonia with another non-profit organisation. which provided help to Ukraine had a negative influence to the all volunteer movement at all. We had purchased and delivered a minesweeper’s shovels to Ukraine.

April of 2023
Equipment for a mobile hospital

In april of 2023 was delivered to Ukraine an equipment for a mobile hospital and related goods (electrics, wires etc).

May of 2023
Sergo’s bus

In may of 2023 legionary of foreign legion of Ukraine Sergo Susi came to Estonia on his vacation. He cames to vacation with the bus, which is very needed for transporting of injured warriors. Our non-profit organisation partially pays the bil to repair Sergo’s bus.

June of 2023
Refrigerators, electrical generators.....

In june of 2023 we deliver to Urkaine refrigerators, electrical generators, fuel the cars of volunteers, tires, medical equipment and meal.

July of 2023
Refrigerators, which freezes a blood

In july of 2023 we deliver to Ukraine 2 refrigerators, which freezes a blood. A “civilian” refrigerators are unable to freeze a blood as well as the temperature of air is +40c.

We continue our helping Ukraine….

So that to “Antivata (Estonia)” group we met new people, who were helping Ukraine defeat the russian nazis, new cooperation schemes emerged, as a result of which real assistance to the Ukraine increased significantly. Some members of group are prefer to stand anonymously. In the near future one more refrigerator for blood freezing will be sent to Ukrainian medics. All fundrising are been using to help for Ukranian Armed Forces.


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